Lucas Oil

Technomotion is also importer and distributor of Lucas Oil Products; we believe unconditionally in this young American brand. They have a wide range of oils and additives which we use to full satisfaction of our customers in our bike shop. Besides Lucas Oil is very reasonably priced.
Lucas Oil produces their products by combining the highest quality base oils with their exclusive additive package. Using the philosophy of producing only the best line of lubricants and additives Lucas Oil have become a marketplace leader in the automotive aftermarket industry. Over the last 20 years Lucas Oil has been directly involved in the motorsport industry supporting all levels of racing enabling them to test and develop their line of products in the most extreme conditions.

Using top quality oil in your vehicle has many key benefits:

  • Extended Drain Intervals: Lucas Oil resists thermal breakdown for much longer than most oils extending the oil change interval by up to 50%.
  • Constant lubrication: With their unique additive package your engine will remain lubricated as a protective film is left which reduces metal to metal contact and eliminate dry starts the 1# cause of engine wear.
  • Higher Oil Pressure: This means your engine will run smoother, quieter and cooler. Using oil with superior protection to vital components in the engine will save you money on maintenance and prolong the life of your vehicle. By using Lucas Oil you’ll know that your vehicle is getting the best possible protection and performance.

We have a large stock of oils and additives, all motoroils, break-in oil (with high zinc), stabilizers, fuel treatment etcetera.